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Paraffine pack

Paraffine pack is based on a local application of warmth with the help of paraffine. Veils dipped in liquid paraffine with the temperature of 60˚ C are applied to affected places of human body. After the application of paraffine the place is covered by instant fabric and woollen blanket. Client´s posture depends on the place of application. Local warmth has relaxation effects, it releases spasms, eliminates chronic pain and increases local blood circulation.

Local warmth cannot be applied to clients with accute inflammations, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and thyroid diseases. The procedure takes 15 minutes.

Peat pack

The procedure is based on an application of peloid pack. It is an original form of local application of warmth by attaching peat packs heated in special containers. Its effects are similar to the paraffine pack. The procedure takes 15 minutes.