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Other procedures

Gas CO2 injections

It is a sub-dermal application of medicinal carbonic oxide. Place of injection application depends on the type of disorder or disease. The client is in the sitting or lying position, depending on an acupuncture point. This procedure is effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal system, neurological system and in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy is a regenerative procedure based on regular inhalation of humidified 40 – 90% oxygen. Inhalation is applied by nasal catheter or by original masks and the air enriched with oxygen is supplied to organism by the device called Oxygenator. The procedure induces feelings of satisfaction, improves breathing, eliminates fatigue and supplies the skin with active oxygen, which improves skin elasticity. The procedure has beneficial effects on the psychical and cardiovascular system as well. The client is sitting in a comfortable armchair and the relaxing atmosphere is accompanied by esoteric music. The procedure takes 30 minutes.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy uses monochromatic polarised coherent light. The procedure has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and biostimulative effects.

  • rheumatoid, degenerative diseases
  • diseases of joints, ligaments and muscles
  • post-traumatic conditions
  • some post-surgical conditions of kinetic apparatus

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna uses hot dry air. The temperature in sauna is distributed according to the height of particular benches. The temperature in sauna is between 90 – 100°C. Client is sitting or lying on dry towel with straight legs so that they are exposed to the same temperature as the rest of the body. The length of stay in sauna is individual. The stay in sauna is followed by chilling phase – cold shower from legs to head. The cycle is repeated 3 times. Finally client takes a rest in dry pack in a relaxation room. It is recommended to drink enough in order to supplement the loss of liquids caused by perspiration.

Sauna supports winterisation of organism, it has positive effects on functional circulation disorders. For healthy people, regular sauna serves as hygienic cleansing and cultivating of body. It helps to increase performance and to prevent diseases thanks to regular winterisation. Furthermore, sauna brings overall physical and psychical relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • insufficiently controlled hypertension
  • ischaemic heart diseases

Steam bath

Steam bath warms clients with hot air in an environment saturated with water vapour. The temperature of 56 degrees Celsius and high humidity of 100% is complemented by salt and aromatherapy (chamomile).

Steam bath is suitable for the treatment of musculoskeletal apparatus as it relieves muscle and tissue stiffness. it helps to remove toxins and old sediments from tissues and stimulates the immune system. The recommended length of stay is 15 minutes.

  • diseases in an acute stage
  • insufficiently controlled hypertension
  • defects of skin apparatus
  • local congestion

Device lymphatic drainage

Massage of lymphatic system has the effect of rapid leaching of waste substances from the skin and subcutaneous tissue with regeneration effects. It is effective against cellulite.

Terrain therapy

Terrain therapy is walking in a natural terrain that is well tolerated by clients of all ages. The therapy is recommended to patients suffering from musculoskeletal and cardiovascular diseases, diseases of bearing joints, impaired coordination and stability and ischaemic vasal disease.

The procedure takes 60 minutes and it functions as effective breathing gymnastics because it improves cardiopulmonary efficiency. The procedure is realised in a natural terrain in Brusno Medical Spa surroundings only in favourable weather conditions. Clients should wear suitable sportswear and sports shoes.

Dietary therapy

Dietary therapy is an inseparable part of a complex treatment provided in Brusno Medical Spa. It is a complex of quality, healthy food services for clients with digestive, cardiovascular problems and metabolic disorders. Prescription of a diet and individual consultation services are provided by specialists in dietology.

Drinking therapy

Drinking therapy is based on regular drinking of natural healing mineral water during several days or weeks according to a doctor´s prescription. Client drinks 3 x 200ml glasses of water on empty stomach. Water is drunk slowly, in smaller portions. One drinking procedure takes 30 minutes.

  • at the dosage, it is necessary to take into consideration the state of cardiovascular apparatus