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Classical massage

In classical massage, the masseur uses strokes along with a massaging device (emulsion, oils) on the client. Physiological effects of classical massage are local and they are beneficial not only for the skin and increased blood circulation, but it also supports absorption of edemas, exudates and it eliminates substances that produce fatigue. Classical massage has a soothing and encouraging effect on physical performance, as well as on central neural system which has a retroactive impact on peripheral organs and their functions. Partial massage lasts 15 minutes, whole body massage takes 45 minutes.

Segmental reflex massage

It differs from the classical massage in strokes techniques and place of application. Reflex massage is dry, no massage oils or emulsions are used. It is applied on the skin in those places that are secondarily changed by primary disease. Each organ of human body is connected with a peripheral point through its innervational area and these points are accessible to a palpatory examination through the reflex massage. Position during the massage depends on the part of the body treated (dorsal, sterna, pelvic, neck spine etc.). Massage duration is 20 minutes. Combination of reflex and classical massage is not recommended.

Japanese massage (Shiatsu)

The meaning of the word Shiatsu is finger (shi) and pressure (atsu). The massage is based on the stimulation of human body with hands and fingers. Shiatsu is used to improve the flow of energy in body by stimuli – touch and pressure. The pressure is not accomplished by fingers but by the weight of the whole body in order to deblock deffects in the flow of energy. This Japanese massage is suitable for psychical and physical relaxation and for the stimulation of the immune system. The procedure takes 45 minutes.

Reflex massage of feet

It is a massage of reflex zones located on the feet performed in a gentle and stimulating way according to a particular disability. Of a great importance is a massage of the whole surface of feet which simulates a massage of the whole body. Of a great importance is also the whole foot massage which simulates the whole body massage. This anti-stress method causes that client feels relaxed due to a better blood circulation in legs and feet. The procedure takes 25 minutes.

  • diseases of kinetic apparatus
  • diseases of internal organs

Soft techniques

This manual massage is beneficial for muscles and subcutis. Soft techniques help to relieve pain in shortened muscles which arise during long-term overload. It is also used to release painful blockades which restrict movement. The massage is performed by a qualified physio-therpeutist. The procedure takes 25 minutes.

Detoxifying honey massage

Detoxifying honey massage utilises healing effects of honey. It is performed by pumping hand movements. Honey massage removes toxins and old sediments from tissues which activates natural ability of human body to detox. The massage has relaxing and calming effects and takes 35 minutes.

Vacuum-Cupping Massage

It is an alternative treatment method that uses connections between acupuncture pathways and internal organs. The main tool of this therapy is a glass bulb, which is slightly heated and applied to the skin. The effects of vacuum-cupping massage are the following: blood cleansing, circulation improvement, restoration of the nerval system, pain elimination and relaxation. The procedure takes 30 minutes.

Hot stone massage

The heat released from stones together with the effect of massage helps to relax muscles, improve metabolism, blood circulation, soothe sores, relax spasms, and support healing abilities of a body. The procedure takes 50 minutes.