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Caution: We kindly ask our clients to respect instructions and advice of physio-therapeutist during the application of electro-procedures.

Cell phones, credit cards and hotel room cards should not be carried with you during your electrotherapy.


Galvanic current is led to human body through water. Electric current evenly affects the whole leg or arm dipped in water. Intensity of electrodes depends on a desired effect. Patient sits on the chair and dips his/her arms or legs in small pools with water which has prescribed temperature. The procedure takes 15 minutes.

Caution: During the procedure clients are not allowed to take arms or legs out of the pools.

  • neuritis, neuralgia, neuropathy
  • disorders of hyperaemia, innervation, paresis, plegia, spasticity
  • acute and peracute posttraumatic condition
  • decompensation of total chronical disease, tuberculosis
  • defects of skin, tumors
  • metal implants, cardiostimulator


This electrotherapeutic procedure uses thermal effects of high frequency electric current. Tissues and organs are warmed deeply, which improves blood circulation in tissues, relaxes muscle spasms and reduces pain. Congestion of internal organs is improved which has a positive impact on their function. The procedure takes 15 minutes.

  • older posttraumatic conditions, postsurgical conditions
  • fractures which heal badly
  • inflammations and degenerative diseases of joints
  • functional disorders on kinetic apparatus
  • ORL indications (sinusutusm, pharyngitis)
  • gynaecological affections
  • chronical inflammations in contracted pelvis
  • acute inflammation, acute florid inflammation of bones, joints
  • acute neuralgia and radiculopathy
  • danger of bleeding (peptic abscess, haemorrhoid)
  • thrombophlebitis, vasculitis, gravidness
  • serious arterial peripheral disorders of hyperaemia, malignant tumors
  • tuberculosis, cardiostimulator
  • disorders of aesthesia, psychical disorders
  • young children
  • significant oedema – ascites, metal implants, high fever

Light therapy

Light therapy uses a bio-stimulatory effect of polarised light which penetrates into the depth of 1 – 2,5 cm. It activates microcirculation, collagen production, proliferation of vessels, regeneration of damaged tissues and maturation of epithelium. The light therapy has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.The procedure takes 5 minutes.

  • radiation of eyes and thyroid, radiation of abdomen during gravidness
  • epilepsy, high fever
  • malignant tumors


Ultrasound is a longitudinal oscillation with the frequency of over 20 000 Hz. It is applied with a special chaplet in prescribed amounts. The ultrasound has healing effects on tissues and other affected parts of human body. Paraffin oil is applied on the skin as it is necessary for the contact between the ultrasound chaplet and body. The procedure takes 3 – 10 minutes.

Effect: This tissue micro-massage changing mechanical power into thermal energy leads to an increased blood circulation, which causes better tissue nutrition and painful tension reduction. The procedure has spasmolytic, absorptive and analgesic effect.


This device utilizes various kinds of electric currents according to a determined indication. The place of application and the kind of electric current is prescribed by the doctor. The procedure takes 15 minutes.


TENS is a low-frequency therapy based on impulses which stimulate neural trunks. The intensity of impulse depends on a desired analgesic effect. The procedure is suitable for patients with painful musculoskeletal condition. The procedure takes 15 minutes.


Diadynamic currents are mixed currents which utilize effects of galvanic, faradic or other impulse currents. The procedure takes 15 minutes.

The intensity of diadynamic currents is consulted with the client as it depends on his/her sensations. Its analgesic, vasodilating and hyperaemic effects are used in the treatment of musculoskeletal apparatus.


This magnetotherapy uses pulse magnetic field. Its effects are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, spasmolytic and myorelaxant, it also accelerates healing of bones and soft tissues.

  • gravidity
  • cardiostimulators
  • menstruation, bleeding conditions
  • hyperthyreosis
  • active virous infections, tumors


Galvanotherapy is based on a deep effect of galvanic current. This continuous direct current causes electro-chemical changes in human body which have beneficial effects in the treatment of painful musculoskeletal conditions.

Special electrodes are placed on determined parts of human body and the intensity increases up to desired level. The intensity of galvanic currents is consulted with the client as it depends on his/her sensations. The procedure takes 15 minutes.

  • hyperaemia, analgesia
  • inflammations of joint capsule, ligaments and muscles
  • blood and lymphatic flow
  • resorption of oedema and exudation
  • nutrition of tissue in the place of chronic inflammation
  • tissue damage after injuries
  • functional disorders of hyperaemia
  • muscular atrophy

Interference currents

Inference currents are medium-frequency currents which are applied to painful places. When currents penetrate into tissues their effect is similar to low-frequency currents. They are used to eliminate pain, to relieve or stimulate muscles and to improve blood circulation in tissues. The procedure takes 15 minutes.