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General contraindications related to medical treatment

Medical treatment cannot be recommended in cases with following complications:

  • human infectious diseases and carrying of bacillus, notably typhoid and paratyphoid fever. If a disease flagged as suitable for medical care is interlinked with pulmonary or extrapulmonary tuberculosis, the medical care can be recommended and authorized only with patients who have been displaced form dispersary groups of active tuberculosis
  • all cases where a patient’s condtion is in an active phase
  • clinical symptoms of a circulatory failure
  • conditions after deep venous thrombosis within 3 months after the remission, conditions after superficial thrombophlebitis within 6 weeks after the remission of the disease
  • brittle diabetes mellitus or decompensated diabetes mellitus
  • profuse and repeated bleeding of any sort
  • cachexia of any sort
  • malignant tumors in the course of treatment and after treatment if signs of continuance of the disease have been clinically established
  • epilepsy except cases, where for the past 3 years no epileptic fit was recorded and EEG record showed no epileptic graphic elements. If EEG records show that pathological changes persist, proposition for spa treatment can only be issued if the appointed neurologist gives permission to do so.
  • ongoing attacks or various types of psychoses and mental disorders with signs of antisocial behaviour and a reduced ability to communicate
  • alcoholism, substance dependance
  • urinary and fecal incontinence, nocturnal enuresis-does not apply to XXVI indication group-exemption from this rule can only be granted by the head doctor of a medical facility
  • dementia
  • pregnancy
  • all types of skin defects that failed to heal
  • hypertension higher than 16 kPA diastolic (120 mm Hg)