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Bear as symbol of Brusnianka

In the forests of the Slovak Ore Mountains (Slovenské Rudohorie) one can see a bear, wolf, lynx, deer, wild boar or birds of prey. Sometimes even otters can be spotted in rivers. Just as bear is the king of Slovak fauna, Brusnianka has an ambition to become the queen of Slovak mineral waters.

Composition of natural healing water Brusnianka:

Cations mg/l
Lithium Li+ 0,237
Sodium Na+ 126,73
Potassium K+ 17,24
Ammonium NH4+ 0,298
Magnesium Mg2+ 86,88
Calcium Ca2+ 258,50
Strontium Sr2+ 3,811
Iron Fe2+ <0,01
Manganese Mn2+ 0,080
Bárium Ba2+ 0,036
Aluminium Al3+ 0,04
Anions mg/l
Fluorides F- 1,20
Chlorides Cl- 38,68
Bromides Br- <0,20
Iodides I- 0,014
Nitrides NO2- <0,05
Nitrites NO3- <0,05
Hydrogencarbonates HCO3- 743,22
Phosphates HPO4- 0,040
Sulphates SO4- 601,0
Total mineralisation F- 1905
Free carbon oxide CO2- 823