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 Medical SPA Hotel Poľana, Kúpeľná 1/2, 976 62 Brusno, Slovakia,  +421 48 43 11 511, Map and contacts

Class "A" medical treatment

Class "A" complex medical treatment

Accommodation, meal and treatment are covered by the health insurance company.

Proposition for spa treatment is drawn up by general practitioner or a specialist doctor. It is based on the health condition of the insurant. You must then submit the proposition at one of the branches of your health insurance company. In so doing you must ask the insurance company to assign you the medical facility you wish to stay at.

You will then be notified by the health insurance company of the medical facility it sent the proposal to. In accordance with terms and conditions and within their capacity means the medical facility will allocate an entry date. They will also send you a written reservation confirmation – "Medical treatment notice".

"A" class insurants are charged 1,66 €/day. Parties exempted from this payment:

  • Janský plaque award holders (at least silver medal)
  • people in material deprivation (you have to produce a resolution by the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family about receiving benefits whilst in material deprivation) – in which case you are only charged for first 3 days in the amount of 4,98 €/day

Prior to the start of medical treatment general practitioner must confirm your current health condition. His statement must not be older than 14 days.

Length of stay is listed in the authorization for treatment document. Length of stay cannot be further altered.

Do not forget to bring the following:

  • medical treatment notice
  • identity card
  • health insurance card
  • general practitioner’s statement regarding your current health condition
  • medication you take on regular basis
  • health insurance company’s notice of medical treatment authorization

We recommend that you bring swimsuit, clothes and overshoes suitable for therapeutic procedures.

Additional fees

  • tax on accomodation in the amount of 1 €/night/person stipulated by Brusno village
  • additional charge of 13 €/night for a single room
  • additional charge of 1,50€/night for buffet breakfast

Transport from train station and bus station in Brusno available

If you travel to Brusno by bus or by train we will be more than happy to provide transportation from the station directly to Poľana Spa Hotel**** . If you are interested in this service, you have to let us know at least 1 day before your scheduled arrival. You can do this at any day or night hours by calling any of our telephone numbers. You will be charged a transport fee of 1€ at the Poľana Spa Hotel**** upon your arrival.

All services including therapeutic procedures are provided within the hotels premises (under one roof).

Information and reservations

Central reservation phone number: +421 48 43 11 512, +421 903 646 114
e-mail: info@kupelebrusno.sk, recepcia@kupelebrusno.sk

Contact us:

Oľga Slabeciusová – Head of Accommodation Services
Jana Martiakova – Front Office Manager
e-mail: info@kupelebrusno.sk
telephone number: +421/48 43 11 512

List of additional fees